The Need to Build Emotional Fitness

The Need to Build Emotional Fitness

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Being able to choose how we think and feel every day and coping with whatever life throws at us, free from stress, anxiety and worry is probably one of the most critical factors essential in today’s world. And this applies in all spheres of life, be it our personal life or work life.

Romantic breakdowns, betrayal by friends, marriage break down, losing a job, failing an exam, random fights with your partner, office politics, being away from your child or extraordinary events like deaths, serious illnesses and natural disasters etc can occur without a warning. The kind of lives we live today and more so in the future, events that are not so positive will always be an integral part of daily lives.  Emotionally resilient people are more effective at managing stress and to cope with issues and problems than their non-resilient peers. We have to protect ourselves with skills that help us bounce back every time, all the time.

No.1: We have to make a conscious effort to introspect; study our behavior over a period of time and recognize and list down the kind of things or life events that results in emotional and rational overwhelms.

No.2: We have to learn to recognize and understand the triggers that induce our emotions so that we can focus on positive ways to manage these triggers. In the process, we have to give our best to discover our internal healing power.

No.3: We have to build tolerance and learn to avoid reactive lives.

No.4: We have to learn to be grateful for all that we have –life, others to love, others to take care of, some wonderful people around us, the many good things that we can do in life.

No.5: Be with good things.  Be with good people. Listen to music that lifts your soul. Enjoy the flowers and water the plants. Small things that makes us feel happy.

No.6: Fun and laughter help us stay emotionally fit.

No.7: Developing a good positive attitude strengthens emotional fitness.

No.8: Remember someone who cared. Helps build a positive attitude.

No.9: Do some creative stuff that helps us get satisfaction.

No.10: Last but not the least; to be emotionally fit, one has to be physically fit as well so that healthy body leads to a healthy and wealthy mind. Even little exercise releases chemicals in our brain that lift our mood. It can help us to sleep better, have more energy and keep our heart healthy. And of course, one needs to sleep well. I believe we need to sleep seven to eight hours on an average to make our body and mind to rest fully.

Easier said than done. But, we all must try.


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