Much More Visual and Interactive Content will drive the future of digital Monetization initiatives

Much More Visual and Interactive Content will drive the future of digital Monetization initiatives

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In the current year and the next couple of years to come, we’ll see more and more brands taking steps to infiltrate the digital world with highly engaging and interactive content. This will put a greater emphasis on content forms like video blogging and live-streaming of events such as product demos, Q&A sessions, and webinars. And, a lot of the content distribution will take place via social media.


There’s been 90 per cent growth in uploaded content, and 65 per cent of YouTube content is consumed on mobile. If one looked at reach in urban India, YouTube is ahead of TV” said Rajan Anandan, Vice President for Southeast Asia and India, Google at an event to celebrate Google India’s ‘premier partners’.


A recent social media study also indicated that a whopping 92% consumers found that videos are helpful in making purchasing decisions. It will be extremely important to identify opportunities through big data analytics for sharing visual media and invite the most engaged digital natives to participate in webinars and video podcasts to enable vitality and virality.


Today, we are living in an age when live video streaming enables brands and businesses of all sizes to tap into the power of video marketing and social media. Worldwide, streaming video already accounts for two-thirds of the world’s internet traffic and that could hit 90% in 2020, according to one widely used forecast by Cisco. 

Successful brands & publishers will need to seize this opportunity in engaging with audiences and be interactive. Publishers need to go beyond merely livestreaming their event; acknowledge audience, listen and engage with them to create personalized interactions. Take live questions, conduct a poll – this is a unique opportunity to engage in a two-way conversation with a captive audience.

How to make money from broadcasting live video is the million dollar question. There are several ways to do that; and this is where best practices from all mainstream media formats needs to be customized and imbibed to drive monetization.



Raktim Das

Raktim is a strategy and business development professional with over 20 years TV, Print & Digital media experience in leadership roles with leading media organizations like Times Group, India Today Group, HT Media, Zee News Limited, NewsX and Network 18 Media. He can reached at

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